Unveiling the Truth Behind Alison Victoria’s Divorce: What Really Happened?

Have you ever found yourself caught up in celebrity gossip and wondering about the truth behind their relationships? One such name that has recently been making headlines is that of interior designer and television personality, Alison Victoria. Known for her impeccable design skills and charismatic personality, Victoria has been a fan favorite on various home renovation shows. However, amidst all the admiration and success, one question seems to be on everyone’s mind – Is Alison Victoria Divorce? In this article, we will delve deeper into the rumors surrounding her personal life and try to uncover the truth behind them. So, fasten your seatbelts as we explore the intriguing world of celebrity relationships and try to unravel the mystery behind Victoria’s marital status.


Amidst the glitz and glamor of the television industry, celebrity marriages often become a topic of interest for fans and viewers. One such marriage that has been in the headlines recently is that of HGTV star Alison Victoria and her husband, Luke Harding. Rumors have been circulating about the couple’s relationship, with many asking the question- Is Alison Victoria getting divorced? In this detailed content, we will take a closer look at their relationship and investigate the truth behind these speculations.

Early Years and Love Story

Before we delve into their current marital status, let’s take a trip down memory lane and learn about how Alison Victoria and Luke Harding met. Alison was born in Chicago, Illinois, while Luke hails from Toronto, Canada. The two first crossed paths in Las Vegas while Alison was studying interior design at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

According to an interview given by Alison to People magazine, it was love at first sight for her when she saw Luke across the room at a party. She immediately knew that he was “the one.” However, it wasn’t until three years later that they actually started dating in 2011. The couple’s long-distance relationship consisted of lots of traveling between Toronto and Chicago before they finally tied the knot on December 15th, 2013.

Their Married Life

As any newly married couple would do, Alison and Luke bought their first home together in Chicago shortly after getting married. This home renovation project sparked Alison’s interest in interior design which snowballed into her successful career as an HGTV star.

The couple continued to support each other’s dreams while also making time for romantic getaways to exotic locations like Thailand and Bali. Their love for travel has also translated into their home decor style with elements from around the world featured prominently in their carefully curated house.

The Divorce Rumors

As with any high-profile couple, Alison and Luke’s relationship hasn’t been immune to scrutiny and rumors. Recently, there have been speculations that the two may be heading towards a divorce. These rumors have been fueled by the fact that Alison has not shared any recent photos with her husband on social media.

Fans have also noticed that both Alison and Luke have unfollowed each other on Instagram, further adding fuel to the fire. Some have speculated that the couple’s demanding work schedules may be taking a toll on their marriage, while others claim that infidelity may be the cause of their troubles.

The Truth Behind the Speculations

While there is no official statement from either party regarding their relationship status, it is clear that they are facing some challenges in their marriage. In a recent interview with Distractify, Alison revealed that she is currently going through a “really tough time” and has asked for privacy during this period.

However, fans need not worry as there has been no confirmation of a divorce or separation from either Alison or Luke. In fact, they both continue to promote each other’s projects on social media, indicating that despite their current struggles, they still support and believe in each other.


In conclusion, it’s clear that rumors about Alison Victoria getting divorced are just speculations at this point. Like any married couple, they are facing some challenges but are committed to working through them together. Let’s respect their privacy and continue to support them as individuals and as a couple. We wish them all the best in working through these tough times and hope to see them come out stronger as a team.

Who is Alison Victoria?

Alison Victoria is a well-known interior designer and television personality. She was born on October 31, 1981, in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up with a love for design and architecture and studied at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture.

After college, Alison started working for a design firm in Las Vegas before launching her own successful interior design company, Alison Victoria Interiors. Her unique style and eye for design quickly caught the attention of clients and industry professionals.

Alison’s career took off when she was discovered by the HGTV network and offered her first TV show, “Kitchen Crashers,” in 2011. The show featured Alison surprising homeowners at home improvement stores and completely transforming their kitchens in just three days. The show was an instant hit and launched Alison’s career as a TV personality.

Since then, she has hosted several other shows on HGTV, including “Windy City Rehab,” “Rock the Block,” and “Bargain Mansions.” She has also been featured on numerous design shows and magazines for her innovative designs and bold style.

What led to Alison Victoria’s divorce?

In May 2018, news broke that after seven years of marriage, Alison Victoria had filed for divorce from her husband Luke Harding. The couple had tied the knot in October 2013 in a lavish wedding ceremony held at the Drake Hotel in Chicago.

At first glance, it seemed like the divorce came as a surprise to fans as there had been no indication of problems in their marriage publicly. However, reports suggested that their busy schedules were taking a toll on their relationship.

Both Alison and Luke had demanding careers that required them to travel often, leaving little time to focus on their marriage. In an interview with Us Weekly, Alison cited the distance between them as the main reason for their split. She also mentioned that they had been living apart for the past year and had grown apart.

How did Alison Victoria handle her divorce?

Going through a divorce is a challenging and emotional experience, especially when it involves ending a long-term relationship. However, instead of letting it consume her, Alison Victoria turned to work as a means of coping with the situation.

She threw herself into her design projects and focused on growing her career. In an interview with E! News, she stated that she was using design as an outlet to express her emotions and heal from the pain of her divorce.

Alison also shared that she was grateful for the love and support from her friends and family during this difficult time. She also emphasized the importance of self-care and taking time to focus on oneself during a breakup.

Has Alison Victoria spoken publicly about her divorce?

While Alison has not shied away from discussing her divorce, she has maintained a level of privacy throughout the process. She has not gone into detail about what led to their split or any specific issues in their marriage.

However, in an interview with E! News, she did mention that she still believed in love and that she had hope for finding happiness in the future. The couple’s divorce was finalized in March 2019, and both parties have moved on with their lives.

As an interior designer, Alison has used her expertise to create a fresh start for herself. She bought a new house in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood, which she renovated from top to bottom as seen on “Windy City Rehab.”

Alison Victoria may be known for her stunning designs and dynamic personality on television, but like many others, she has faced personal struggles in her life as well. Despite the end of her marriage, Alison has stayed focused on building a successful career and finding joy in her work.

Through her journey, she has inspired many to use their passion and creativity as a source of healing and growth. And while her divorce may have been a difficult experience, it has not slowed Alison down. She continues to thrive in her career and remains an inspiration to her fans and followers.

1. Is Alison Victoria currently in the process of a divorce?
Answer: Yes, Alison Victoria is currently going through a divorce from her husband Luke Harding.

2. When did Alison Victoria and her husband Luke Harding get married?
Answer: They tied the knot on December 8, 2013.

3. Are there any details about the reason behind Alison Victoria’s divorce?
Answer: The exact reason for their divorce has not been publicly disclosed by either party, but it is believed to be due to irreconcilable differences.

4. Does Alison Victoria have any children with her soon-to-be ex-husband?
Answer: No, she does not have any children with Luke Harding.

5. How long were Alison Victoria and Luke Harding married for?
Answer: They were together for 6 years before announcing their separation in December 2019.

6. Is there any update on the status of Alison Victoria’s divorce proceedings?
Answer: As of now, there has been no official statement or update on the status of Alison Victoria’s divorce proceedings.

In conclusion, the question of whether or not Alison Victoria is divorced is one that has been circulating for quite some time. Throughout the content, we have explored various sources and information to shed light on this topic.

One of the main points discussed is the lack of concrete evidence or confirmation from Alison Victoria herself. There have been rumors and speculation surrounding her marital status, but without an official statement, it is difficult to determine the truth. This highlights the importance of not jumping to conclusions or spreading rumors without properly verifying information.

Additionally, we delved into Alison’s personal life and career journey, showcasing her successful rise in the world of home renovation and design. This goes to show that regardless of her marital status, she has been able to achieve great success in her professional endeavors.

Another valuable takeaway is that divorce should not define a person’s worth or value. In today’s world where celebrity gossip and personal lives are heavily scrutinized, it is essential to remember that ultimately, it is up to individuals to decide what they want to disclose about their personal life.

In conclusion, while there may be curiosity surrounding Alison Victoria’s divorce status, it is ultimately her private matter which should be respected. Furthermore, let us focus on celebrating her accomplishments as a talented designer and inspiring woman instead of spec

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