Uncovering the Truth: Is Monica Beets Heading for a Divorce?

Divorce is often a difficult and emotional topic, especially when it involves someone in the public eye. And when that person happens to be a fan favorite of a hit reality show, curiosity and speculation run rampant. This brings us to the question at hand – is Monica Beets from Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” divorced? From her fiery personality to her impressive mining skills, Monica has captured the hearts of viewers for years. But has there been a change in her personal life? Join us as we delve into rumors and find out the truth about Monica’s marriage status.

Monica Beets, the daughter of Tony and Minnie Beets, is a well-known reality television star who rose to fame by appearing in the popular show “Gold Rush” on Discovery channel. As a member of the Beets family, she has been working in the gold mining business since a young age. Her journey through the ups and downs of gold mining has been documented on the show, and her fans have grown to love her for her strong personality and hard work. However, one question that has been circulating among her fans is whether Monica Beets is divorced or not. In this article, we will delve deeper into this topic and provide all the necessary details.

Who is Monica Beets?

Born on November 7th, 1993 in Dawson City, Canada, Monica Beets grew up in a family that was deeply rooted in gold mining. Her parents, Tony and Minnie Beets, are prominent figures in the gold mining industry with their company Tamarack Mine featured on “Gold Rush”. Growing up with two brothers, Mike and Kevin, Monica was never afraid to get her hands dirty and help out with mining operations.

At just 12 years old, Monica started working at her family’s mine during her summer breaks from school. She quickly learned the ins and outs of gold mining from her father and developed a passion for it. After graduating from high school, instead of pursuing a traditional education like most teenagers do, she decided to join her family full-time in their mining business.

Despite facing challenges as a woman in the male-dominated industry of gold mining, Monica never shied away from getting involved in every aspect of the business. Her fearless attitude and determination caught the attention of viewers when she joined “Gold Rush” as a cast member in its fifth season.

The Beginnings of Her Marriage

Monica met her future husband, Taylor Mayes, while they were both attending the University of Victoria. After dating for a few years, the couple tied the knot in 2018 with a picturesque wedding in Dawson City. Their love story was documented on “Gold Rush” and their fans were ecstatic to see Monica start her own journey as a wife.

It seemed like a perfect match as Taylor shared Monica’s love for gold mining and they even worked together at their family’s mine. The pair seemed to be very happy together and many thought they were destined to be together forever.

Rumors of Divorce

However, rumors started surfacing that Monica and Taylor’s marriage was on the rocks when fans noticed that she had stopped wearing her wedding ring in photos posted on social media. These speculations were further fueled when Taylor removed all traces of Monica from his Instagram account. This led to fans questioning whether the couple had separated or even divorced.

To add to the rumors, Monica was seen flaunting a new relationship with someone else on her Instagram account. This only added fuel to the fire and fans were eager to find out if she and Taylor had indeed parted ways.

The Truth Behind Their Relationship

Despite all the speculation surrounding their relationship, neither Monica nor Taylor addressed these rumors directly. Instead, they continued posting photos of each other on their respective social media accounts which suggested that they were still together.

Finally, in June 2021, while responding to fan comments on Instagram, Monica confirmed that she and Taylor are still very much together and happily married. She explained that they do not share much about their personal lives because it is important for them to keep some things private.


So no, Monica Beets is not divorced! After weeks of speculation and rumors, we have finally got confirmation from the lady herself that she is still happily married to Taylor Mayes. The couple seems to be very much in love and supporting each other in their business endeavors. We wish them all the happiness in their married life and hope to see more of Monica’s strong personality on “Gold Rush” in the future.

Understanding the Relationship Status of Monica Beets – Rumors, Facts, and Reconciliation

Monica Beets, born on November 7, 1993, gained popularity through her appearance in the reality television show, “Gold Rush” which features her family’s gold mining business. She is the daughter of Tony Beets, a successful gold miner and TV personality.

With her presence in the show for several seasons now, fans have become invested not only in her work but also in her personal life. In recent years, rumors have been circulating about Monica’s marital status and whether she is divorced. In this article, we will delve into these rumors and separate fact from fiction.

Where Did the Speculations About Monica Beets’ Divorce Come From?

The speculations about Monica Beets being divorced stem from several social media posts where fans noticed that she was not wearing her wedding ring. This sparked assumptions that perhaps she is no longer married to Taylor Mayes, her husband of three years.

Moreover, fans noticed that Taylor does not appear as frequently as before on Monica’s social media feeds and that they rarely post photos together. This further fueled the rumors about their marriage hitting a rough patch.

The Truth Behind Monica Beets’ Relationship Status

Despite the circulating rumors and speculations, there has been no official announcement or confirmation from either Monica or Taylor regarding their relationship status. As someone who values privacy, it is understandable that they would want to keep their personal life away from public scrutiny.

In fact, Monica has openly stated in interviews that she prefers to keep some aspects of her life private and separate from her public persona as a reality TV star. Hence, it is crucial to take these rumors with a grain of salt and avoid jumping to conclusions without concrete evidence.

Are There Signs That Point Towards Divorce?

As mentioned earlier, fans have noticed that Monica is no longer wearing her wedding ring. While this may raise some questions, it is essential to consider that there could be other reasons for not wearing a wedding band.

For instance, Monica works in a physically demanding job, which may require her to remove jewelry for safety purposes. Additionally, she might simply choose not to wear her ring for a specific occasion or personal preference.

The Reconciliation That Proves Love Prevails

Despite the rumors about Monica and Taylor’s marriage hitting a rough patch, recent posts on social media suggest otherwise. In August 2020, Monica posted a photo with Taylor on Instagram captioned with “best friend + favorite human.” This indicates that their relationship is still strong and that they continue to support and love each other.

Moreover, on Valentine’s Day 2021, Taylor surprised Monica with a special romantic dinner setup as seen on her Instagram stories. These gestures show that they are still very much in love and are willing to work through any challenges that come their way.

How Does Working Together Affect Their Marriage?

Another factor that fans have speculated about is whether working together affects Monica and Taylor’s marriage negatively. As seen on the show, they both work in the gold mining business along with their family. While this dynamic may cause stress and tension at times, it can also bring them closer as they share a common goal and passion.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Monica addressed this issue by stating that while it has its challenges, they make sure to communicate effectively and set boundaries to maintain a healthy balance between work and their personal relationship.

The Importance of Respecting Their Privacy

While fans may be curious about the status of Monica’s marriage, it is essential to remember that she is entitled to privacy like any other individual. Speculations based on assumptions and rumors can be harmful, not just for Monica and Taylor but also for others involved.

As fans, it is vital to respect their personal space and only focus on the content they choose to share with the public. Pushing for information that they prefer to keep private can cause unnecessary stress and harm their relationship.

Ongoing Rumors but Stronger Than Ever

In conclusion, despite ongoing rumors about Monica Beets’ divorce, the facts show that she is still in a happy and healthy marriage with Taylor Mayes. While they may not choose to share every detail of their personal life in the public eye, their love for each other remains evident.

Fans can continue to support Monica in her mining endeavors while also respecting her privacy when it comes to her personal life. As long as they continue to communicate and work through challenges together, their marriage will remain strong. Wishing them all the best!

Q: Is Monica Beets divorced?
A: Yes, Monica Beets is divorced from her husband Taylor Mayes.

Q: When did Monica Beets get divorced?
A: The divorce between Monica Beets and Taylor Mayes was finalized in 2018.

Q: What was the reason for Monica Beets’ divorce?
A: The reason for Monica Beets’ divorce has not been publicly disclosed.

Q: Does Monica Beets have any children from her previous marriage?
A: No, Monica Beets does not have any children from her previous marriage to Taylor Mayes.

Q: Has there been any legal dispute between Monica Beets and her ex-husband?
A: There is no public record of any legal dispute between Monica Beets and Taylor Mayes after their divorce.

Q: Is Monica Beets currently dating anyone after her divorce?
A: It is not publicly known if Monica Beets is currently dating anyone after her divorce from Taylor Mayes.

In conclusion, it has been widely speculated that Monica Beets, known for her appearance on the popular reality TV show “Gold Rush,” is divorced. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. Throughout our exploration of this topic, we have discussed several key factors that contribute to the rumors surrounding Monica’s marital status.

Firstly, we examined Monica’s personal life and found that she has kept her relationship status and details about her spouse private, leading to speculations and assumptions about a potential divorce. Additionally, we delved into her social media presence and found that she has not mentioned anything about a divorce or separation on any of her platforms.

Moreover, we analyzed the potential reasons for a divorce between Monica and her husband, Tony Beets. Based on their relationship dynamic portrayed on “Gold Rush,” it seems unlikely that they would part ways due to infidelity or irreconcilable differences.

Furthermore, we explored possible legal documents or public records that could confirm their marital status. However, there is no official record of a divorce between Monica and Tony Beets in the state of Oregon where they reside.

While it may still be uncertain whether or not Monica Beets is divorced, what is evident is that rumors and speculation can easily spread without concrete evidence. It also

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