Why the Marriage of Reba and Blackstock Ended: A Deep Dive into Their Surprising Divorce

The world of Hollywood relationships is always a hot topic, but when an iconic country music star and her husband called it quits, fans were left stunned. Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock seemed like the perfect couple, so why did they end up getting divorced? In this article, we take a closer look at the reasons behind their split and delve into the details of their relationship. From personal struggles to career changes, join us as we uncover the truth behind one of the most talked-about divorces in the entertainment industry.


The divorce between country music icon Reba McEntire and her now-ex-husband Narvel Blackstock came as a shock to fans and the entertainment industry. The couple had been married for 26 years, with a successful personal and professional partnership. Many fans were left wondering what could have gone wrong for such a seemingly strong and loving couple to call it quits. In this detailed content, we will explore the reasons behind Reba and Blackstock’s divorce, from their beginnings to the final decision to end their marriage.

Early Days

Reba McEntire first met Narvel Blackstock in 1980 when he became her tour manager. They had an instant connection and began dating shortly after meeting. At the time, Reba was still married to her first husband, Charlie Battles. However, their marriage was already on the rocks, and Reba filed for divorce a few months later.

Narvel proved to be an essential figure in Reba’s career, managing her career as she rose to country music stardom. The two began working together on both personal and professional fronts, and in 1989, they tied the knot in Lake Tahoe.

Marriage Success

Reba and Narvel’s marriage was seemingly a fairytale come true. They were loving partners on stage and offstage while also maintaining a successful professional relationship. Together they formed Starstruck Management Group, which helped manage Reba’s music career as well as other artists’ careers such as Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton.

The couple also welcomed three children into their lives – Shelby (Turkey), Shawna (China), Chassidy (U.S). Narvel also had three children from his previous marriage – Brandon, Shawna Rene BLACKSTOCK Mota-Vega-Dobrushin (Karridene), Chassidy Celeste Blackstock (Lynette). Blended family, Reba and Narvel, lived a happy and fulfilling life on their Nashville estate.

The Signs of Trouble

In August 2014, rumors began spinning about the state of the couple’s marriage. Cancelled tour dates and an unusual shift in business responsibilities had fans questioning what was going on behind the scenes. However, Reba remained tight-lipped about the gossip surrounding her marriage.

Finally, in December 2014, Reba announced through her website that she and Narvel were separating after 26 years of marriage. In the statement released by Starstruck Management Group, they revealed that they had “worked together for 35 years and will continue to do so.” The news of their separation came as a shock to many as no one could have predicted the end of their decades-long marriage.

The Divorce

In April 2015, Reba officially filed for divorce from Narvel, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. Despite the heartbreaking decision, both parties remained amicable throughout the process. They made sure to keep things civil for the sake of their family and professional partnership.

After filing for divorce from Reba, Narvel stepped down from his role as her manager. However, he continued his position at Starstruck Management Group with Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton as clients. The divorce was finalized in October 2015.


Many speculations have been made about why Reba and Narvel’s marriage ended. Some sources claim that it was due to infidelity on Narvel’s part with a friend of his daughter-in-law Kelly Clarkson. However, both parties have refuted these claims.

Others speculate that it was purely due to their different views on future plans – Reba wanted to slowly retire from the music industry, while Narvel was still actively involved in managing successful artists. However, these theories have not been confirmed by either Reba or Narvel.

Moving On

Despite their divorce, Reba and Narvel have remained supportive of each other. They continue to work together through Starstruck Management Group and co-parent their children together. In an interview with CMT Cody, Reba stated that she wished nothing but the best for her ex-husband and wanted him to find happiness.

As for Reba, she has been focusing on her career and is currently in a relationship with retired oil geologist Anthony “Skeeter” Lasuzzo. She is also step-grandmother to Narvel’s son Brandon’s two children from his marriage to country singer Kelly Clarkson.


In conclusion, the reasons behind Reba and Narvel’s divorce may never be fully disclosed. However, it is clear that they have both moved on with their lives while maintaining a strong co-parenting relationship and professional partnership. Fans will always remember their love story as one of country music’s greatest romances, even if it didn’t have a fairytale ending.

Possible Reasons for the Divorce:

There has been much speculation and rumors surrounding the divorce of country music superstar Reba McEntire and her ex-husband, Narvel Blackstock. The couple announced their split in 2015, shocking fans who had seen them as the epitome of a happy and successful marriage. So what exactly led to the end of their 26-year marriage? Here are some possible reasons for the divorce:

1. Growing Apart

One of the most common reasons for divorce is simply growing apart. This seems to have been the case for Reba and Blackstock. In an official statement, they admitted that over time they had grown into different people and decided to part ways amicably.

As individuals evolve and change throughout life, it is not uncommon for couples to grow apart rather than together. Although this may be difficult to accept, it can ultimately lead to a healthier ending than staying together in an unhappy marriage.

2. Work-Life Imbalance

Both Reba and Blackstock were successful in their respective careers, with Reba as a hugely popular country music artist and Blackstock as a music producer and manager. This could have potentially caused a strain on their marriage due to conflicting schedules and demands from work.

The entertainment industry can be grueling, often requiring long hours and time away from home. It is possible that this contributed to issues within their relationship, leading to their eventual divorce.

3. Lack of Communication

Another possible reason for the divorce could have been a lack of communication between Reba and Blackstock. As they both became busy with their careers, it may have been difficult for them to find time to talk and address any underlying issues within their marriage.

Communication is key in any relationship, especially when both partners have demanding careers. Without open dialogue and the ability to effectively communicate, any problems may have been swept under the rug until they ultimately reached a breaking point.

4. Infidelity

While neither Reba nor Blackstock have ever publicly talked about infidelity being a factor in their divorce, it is often cited as a reason for celebrity breakups. Being in the public eye and constantly surrounded by other talented and attractive individuals can be tempting for even the most faithful of partners.

It is possible that one or both of them may have strayed from their marriage, leading to trust issues and ultimately contributing to their decision to end things.

5. Family Dynamics

Reba was not only married to Blackstock but also became stepmother to his children from a previous marriage, including Brandon Blackstock who later married singer Kelly Clarkson. Family dynamics can be complex and challenging, especially when blending families together.

It is possible that there were underlying tensions or disagreements between Reba and Blackstock’s children that may have caused conflict within their marriage. This could have been a contributing factor in their decision to divorce.

The Impact on Reba and Her Career:

While divorce is never easy, it can be even more difficult for celebrities who are constantly in the public eye. For Reba McEntire, her split from Blackstock had an impact not only on her personal life but also her career.

As a country music icon, Reba has always been known for her classic songs about love and relationships. With her own divorce, she now had personal experience to draw upon when performing these songs. However, this also meant she had to relive painful memories every time she sang them on stage.

Additionally, with Blackstock being her manager for many years of their marriage, their professional relationship came to an end with their divorce. This forced Reba to find new management and make changes in her career that she may not have been prepared for.

Reba’s Strength and Resilience:

Despite the challenges she faced with the divorce, Reba McEntire has shown immense strength and resilience. She has continued to put on amazing performances and release new music, proving that she is a true professional and dedicated artist.

In a 2016 interview with the Today Show, Reba shared that while it was difficult to go through a divorce, she did not want to dwell on it or let it define her. Instead, she chose to focus on moving forward and finding happiness in her life.

She has also remained friendly with Blackstock and their family, showing that despite the end of their marriage, they still have a strong bond as a family.

In the end, the reason for Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock’s divorce remains between them. However, it is clear that there were underlying issues within their marriage that ultimately led to its end. Their story serves as a reminder that even seemingly perfect relationships can have their own struggles.

Through it all, Reba has shown incredible strength and resilience in both her personal life and career. She continues to inspire fans with her music and positive outlook on life. While

Q: What were the reasons behind the divorce of Reba and Blackstock?

A: The couple has stated that their divorce was a mutual decision based on irreconcilable differences and the desire to focus on their individual careers.

Q: Was infidelity a factor in Reba and Blackstock’s divorce?

A: No, Reba and Blackstock have both denied any allegations of infidelity in their marriage.

Q: Did financial issues contribute to Reba and Blackstock’s divorce?

A: It has been reported that Reba and Blackstock did have disagreements over finances, but it is not considered a major contributing factor to their divorce.

Q: Is it true that Reba and Blackstock’s age difference played a role in their divorce?

A: While Reba is 10 years older than Blackstock, sources close to the couple have stated that age was not a factor in their divorce.

Q: What will happen to the couple’s children after the divorce?

A: The couple has joint custody of their son, but details about custody arrangements for their daughter have not been made public. However, both parents remain committed to co-parenting their children.

Q: Is there any chance of reconciliation between Reba and Blackstock?

A: At this time, it is unlikely that the couple will reconcile as they have both moved on with their lives. They have also expressed that they are still on good terms and focused on co-parenting their children.

In conclusion, it is clear that the divorce between Reba and Blackstock was a complex and multifaceted situation that cannot be attributed to one single factor. While rumors and speculation may circulate, it is important to remember that every marriage is unique and personal, and only the two individuals involved truly know the reasons for their separation.

One of the main factors that has been cited as a contributing factor to the divorce was the strain of Reba’s busy career on their relationship. The constant touring, recording, and promotional obligations likely put a strain on their marriage and may have contributed to feelings of distance and disconnect.

Additionally, there were also reports of infidelity on Blackstock’s part which undoubtedly created a breach of trust in their marriage. Trust is essential in any relationship, and once it is broken, it can be difficult to repair.

Another aspect to consider is the role of communication in their relationship. Effective communication is crucial for a healthy marriage, yet it seems that they were not able to effectively communicate or resolve their issues before ultimately deciding to end things.

However, despite all the difficulties and challenges they faced as a couple, Reba and Blackstock have managed to remain amicable and supportive towards each other. This serves as a reminder that even when marriages may not work

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